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There Is A New Shirt And Hat In The Giant Bomb Store!

Celebrate the return of Ranking of Fighters with a new shirt!

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Hey, do you like science? If so, this new Ranking of Fighters shirt from the store might be just up your alley. Here's a description:

Everyone knows that the staff members of Giant Bomb are lovers, not fighters, but everyone also knows that what we love is to research fighting. It’s all very complex to the uninitiated, and involves quite a bit of peer-reviewed research published in leading scientific journals that you probably haven’t heard of (so please don’t ask about them). Luckily, our studies have been distilled into a series of instructional videos available on the internet for those of you who wish to learn more about fighting games and how they’re ranked. And luckily again, those videos have now been distilled into this fancy t-shirt bearing the logo of the Ranking of Fighters.

This dojo-worthy shirt will ensure that everyone you meet knows you’re the one to ask when it comes time to decide between spending the afternoon playing Power Moves or Star Wars: Masters of Teres Kasi. When you live the way of the Ranking of Fighters, you too will be able to say: “It’s not an’s a fact!”

This shirt is available in both men's and women's sizes. Also on the docket today is this fine Giant Bomb Interlocking Logo New Era Snapback Cap. One size fits all! All of these items are pre-orders and will ship in late March. We'll be adding them back to the store when the pre-orders are done, but if you want one as soon as possible now is the time to get one!

Also note that we recently restocked the 2017 Member's Shirt and the ever-popular fidget spinners. Those are available to buy now, but if you order them with any of the above items, the entire order will ship together when the pre-orders are done.