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There Will Be More Sonic 4 Episodes, Sega Knows There Were Problems

The first one was a massive sales success, so the next episode's happening, too.

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I know most of you didn't care for Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1, but where there is money, there are sequels. Even though the critical response to Sonic's downloadable entry, Sega's moving forward.

"It's [Sonic the Hedgehog 4] for those of us who played Battlefield but also play Sonic," said Sega of America and Europe president Mike Hayes in an interview with me this morning. "We get a blast from that for historical reasons. That's where Sonic 4 was aimed. We were very pleased with the first one."

When Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 was first unveiled, gamers pushed back (carts!). Sega took the reaction under advisement and made some tweaks that funneled into the console and iOS releases. It wasn't enough to get everyone on board, but Sonic fans are a critical bunch.

"I know there were some quality issues that we had there that we've taken on board and there will be further episodes following up on that," added Hayes. "I think the next one's excellent. I think that's going to overcome some of the issues that we had on the first one."

Despite the critics, it's going forward. Why?

"Commercially, it's been hugely successful across all platforms."


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