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This Is What Giant Bomb Sounds Like/Sounds Like/Sounds Like

Why hesitate? Experience this incredible music video created by Hamst3r and the Giant Bomb community.

When Giant Bomb drops all this "video game coverage" nonsense and turns the office into a bass-pumping nightclub called "Rave On Bungling Bay"  (name not finalized), this is definitely going to be the video and song we'll project onto every wall of the club. 
Ridiculous props to Hamst3rTurbomonkey138, Matthew, TurboMan, JJweatherman, Cerogravian, Claude, Fudge_Wirlwind, 6ZZA, Jimbo7676, FlyingRat, One_2nd, damswedon, grant742, Osaladin, Dante_the_Jedi, Dejkrigeren, Hockeymask27, Bionicmonster, Diamond, ZeroCast, Axxol, AlwaysBeClothing, Pepsicolaboy, DTAT, Internet "Lemon" Steve, Sweep, CL60, Metal_Gear_Sunny, Gizmo, and CookieArmyLeader for this incredible collaboration. The Giant Bomb community is still a threat! 

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Posted By jschmoe

Hamst3r, that was incredible.  I hope Vinny was telling the truth when he said you're hired.

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Posted By Heti

what does this have to do with video games

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Posted By brightsons

That was sick, great job!!

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Posted By Nytrik

*slow clap* 

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Posted By vaiz

I love you. All of you. This is the best community, and Hamst3r is the man.

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Posted By Monkeyman04

that was bad ass. Nice going whoever put this together.

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Posted By Warfare

Bravo !

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Posted By Bigrhyno

Many Giantbomb members are robots, confirmed.

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Posted By Berezov

I'm glad this is on the front page, good job Hamst3r!

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Posted By metalmoog

The visuals were awesome, the music is not for my tastes.

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Posted By Jazz

Somebody has to record a commentary for this
'What? WHAT?' 
'What was that? WHAT? GAAAAAAH' 
Nice work Hamst3r.

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Posted By MEBs

I love my goddamn Wii.

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Posted By Yakow_93

Mother of god.

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Posted By rocgaude

Damn.  That's sick.

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Posted By Ooame

That was mad good! Oh... GB community you never cease to surprise me. Fantastic video guys, i'm glad it made the front page because it certainly deserves to.

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Posted By Sil3n7

What the heck am I watching?

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Posted By LordCrom

da BOMB!  That was excellent!  Movin straight to da top of da charts BOOOOOM!
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That's a pretty awesome song.

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Posted By FraggingRights

Amazing! Great song, great video. I love it!

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Edited By Devildoll

a round of applause for everyone involved

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broken jiggly tits gif made me rofl

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Posted By Drakhir

Epic stuff right there.

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Posted By Spaceyoghurt

Great stuff dudes. Kick ass song and some very nice motion graphics! 

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Posted By Derekh1029

wow very nice guys! That was Awesome!!

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Posted By Sergotron

I am a fan of this.

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Posted By CL60

Once again Hamst3r, great work.

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Posted By ValiantGoat

That was awesome

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Posted By PK_Koopa

Its cool that this got more attention. Once again, good work Hamst3r (and all those who helped)

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That video made me cringe

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Posted By Gizmo

Submitting my voice clip was the most unexpectedly rewarding thing I have done so far this year.

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Posted By Grissefar
Sweet song, Hamst3r.
@Claude said:
" Holy shit, front page. Damn. Hamst3r is the man. "
Your segment is pretty hip.
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Posted By JJOR64

I watched the video yesterday.  Great job Hamster!

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Posted By mekon

Nice, I could hardly hold it together watching this. Very funny.

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Posted By Ravenousrattler

Great job!!! You turned jack shit into pure gold.

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Posted By Deckard

The best. That's all that can be said.

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that was great!

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Posted By illmatic19
Didn't Hamst3r make that soundboard thing that was in the indie games quick look, or am I thinking of someone else?
I'm thinking the same thing, so it probably was him.
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Posted By SuicidalSnowman

Even when the regular crew isn't doing much, the community shines.  Well done.

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Posted By Krenor

yay polar bears

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Posted By memo

hope the crew thanks them for this awesome work on a podcast or a video

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Incredibly well made. 

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Posted By MikeFightNight

Entertaining indeed, keep up the crazy.

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Great work guys.. sick!

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Posted By Osaladin

I wanna sex you Hamst3r. Yes homo.

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Posted By Cerogravian

Hamster deserves all respect and frontpageness. 

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