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This Original Pitch For BioShock Is Bananas

Would you believe that, at one point, there was no Rapture in BioShock?

 There is no water dripping off of this logo!
 There is no water dripping off of this logo!
The only way to get your weekend started properly is to read old design documents and  pitches for the games you love. Thoughtfully, the folks over at Irrational Games have released part of the original game pitch for BioShock! It's a fascinating look at what BioShock was originally perceived as, especially since this pitch was created five years before the game was released. Oh yeah, and the game described in this pitch is wildly different from the BioShock released in 2007. 
What changed in the five years between pitch and release? How about the fact that BioShock was originally not about Rapture? According to the pitch, there is no underwater city of any kind. Instead, BioShock was originally going to take place on an island, and you were sent to rescue a lady, but there's a cult on the island and genetic mutations extracted out of animals and weapon customization and...
Oh, who am I kidding? Stop reading this story and go to the Irrational site to check out the first part of the pitch document. Irrational will be releasing more of the pitch in the near future, complete with commentary from the developers involved with the game's design and production. You should read it! I want to read it again! I'm out! I got reading to do! 
Here's a fraction of the pages from that BioShock pitch. Would you kindly go and read the rest?  

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Totally bananas! What do you think about the game that BioShock might have been?