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This Winter, Crawl Into A Comfy Giant Bomb Hoodie

Two new pieces of cotton/poly blends are available now!

Winter is coming, as they say on my favorite show that I totally watch, The Throne Games. Poor Johnny Frost! So cold all the time as he fights against the snow...witches, I think? Better watch out for the Snow Man, whose touch can turn anyone to ice! Wouldn't you like to have a nice warm hoodie to protect yourself against your evil aunt, Killer Frost? Well, Johnny, now you can!

There are two new hoodies in the store, one with zippers and one without! The zippered hoodie features a GB interlocking logo:

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And our new pullover has our Collegiate logo splashed across your chestal area:

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All of the Pullover Hoodies are going to be Independent Trading Co. 80/20 Cotton Polyester blends, while most of the Zippered Hoodies will be 60/40 Cotton Polyester blends. Some of the zippered hoodie in the larger sizes will be different manufacturers, though! You may want to contact if you have specific questions about the manufacturers. We'll try to show these off tomorrow on UPF too!

Hockey jerseys: Still working on it! Member's shirt: Hopefully soon!