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THQ Confirms Red Faction Delay, Reveals Other Release Dates

You'll want to buy a game or fourteen to keep you busy while waiting for Devil's Third. Trust us.

Yesterday afternoon, THQ reported its fiscal 2012 line-up and dished out a bit of bad news for Red Faction fans. Volition's forthcoming sequel to Red Faction: Guerrilla, an exciting, perhaps more action-focused Red Faction joint subtitled Armageddon, will see a release in May 2011 instead of March 2011 as originally slated. No official word was given as to why the title was pushed back, but these kinds of press releases rarely get into that sort of detail.
THQ's report wasn't completely filled with details that make us hurt in that special soft place. Relic Entertainment's exciting third-person shooter, Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine, was given an anticipated release window of Summer 2011, while Volition's open-world action game Saints Row 3 and a new WWE title were confirmed as anticipated Fall 2011 releases. In other cool news release date news, a new MX vs. ATV game, MX vs. ATV Alive, was dated for a Spring 2011 release.
Here's a video of Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine if haven't been keeping an eye on it:

== TEASER ==A new UFC title and Itagaki's Devil's Third were dated yesterday, too, though, you won't be seeing either for a good long while (or ever if you're a believer in the Mayan calendar end-of-the-world business). According to the report, UFC will be making its way to shelves in Winter 2012, while, according to Destructoid, Devil's Third won't be hitting until March 31, 2013--sixteen billion Internet Years from now.