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Trine PSN Releasing "By The End Of July"

Frozenbyte's fantastic 2D puzzle-action game is still a little ways off on the PS3 download service.

After Frozenbyte's superb puzzle-platformer Trine dropped early on PC download services last week, there was a lot of assumption this week (on our part, among others) that the PlayStation Network version of the game would be out along with the service's weekly update yesterday. Unfortunately, that didn't happen, but Olivier Vermeille, a rep for publisher Nobilis, did slightly clarify the issue this morning on the PlayStation.Blog by mentioning the game will be out on PSN "by the end of July." That at least narrows down the release to one of the next three Thursdays.

I had a ton of fun with Trine on the PC and heartily recommend it, though I'll echo my statement in the review that if you have a PS3, you'd do yourself a service by waiting to see how the $20 PSN version turns out, since the game is $30 on the PC. There's a new trailer out today that does a great job of showing off the different ways you can use the three characters' abilities to approach the same obstacles. I think this video effectively shows why the gameplay is so satisfying.


There are several tricks in this trailer that I didn't even think of when I played through Trine (using the warrior's Storm Hammer to bounce those spiky balls over you? Madness!), so there's a lot of depth here that I think will encourage more than one playthrough. Plus, I've still got plenty of Steam achievements I need to chase down.

Thanks to Shacknews for the tip on this story.
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