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Triple Shot On Xbox Live Arcade This Week, DSi Gets Animal Crossing Stuff

Two Taito classics get updates, and hey, how about another zombie game? OK, how about a couple Animal Crossing-themed DSiWare gadgets?

T4K3 4 BR34K D00DZ
T4K3 4 BR34K D00DZ
You probably already knew that Space Invaders Extreme was coming to Xbox Live Arcade this week. If you didn't, you should probably go check out the Quick Look we ran last week. That 800-pointer will be joined by two more. Arkanoid Live! is another updated version of an old Taito game, and Zombie Wranglers from Frozen Codebase is a behind-the-back shooter where kids shoot and wrangle zombies.

Over on the Wii, eight dollars will get you a game called Penguin & Friends - Hey! That's My Fish!, which is a great name. The Virtual Console is getting a Commodore 64 game called Tower Toppler. The DSi gets a double dose of two dollar Animal Crossing non-games, Animal Crossing Calculator and Animal Crossing Clock. Now you can have Tom Nook give you cold, steely stares while you add and subtract! Great?

Sony announces its stuff later in the week, so we don't know exactly what'll hit PSN on Thursday yet.
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