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Tron: Evolution: The Video Game Will Launch With DLC

Ha! Now you wouldn't dare buy the game used!

EA isn't the only publisher offering launch day DLC this season. Disney Interactive Studios has announced new plans to offer special day-one DLC vouchers for Tron: Evolution: The Video Game in a move that might help curb used sales or piracy, provided the content is sweet enough.

That, however, is something we can't gauge at the moment. What we do know is that it will be composed of two multiplayer maps ("Codestream Nexus" and "User's Plaza," according to Big Download) and will contain a skin of protagonist Sam Flynn for use in multiplayer games.

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In other Tron: Evolutio news, it appears as if a bunch of Tron avatar gear will be hitting Xbox Live Marketplace in the very near future. Joystiq reports that both clothing and props will be offered alongside a flashy new premium theme on Thanksgiving day, November 25. Above is just a taste of what you can give to your little guy, if you so choose.