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Two Civilization V DLC Packs Hitting October 25

Genghis Kahn and Nebuchadnezzar need your help conquering the world.

2K Games and Firaxis seem to think that Civilization V needs more content--and who are we to argue when the price is cheap and the release is soon? 

Two downloadable content packs are dropping on October 25: the Mongols Civilization and Scenario Pack and the Babylonian Civilization Pack. The Mongols pack is all-new content and it's priced at an agreeable zero dollars. The latter pack actually appeared in the Digital Deluxe Edition of the game as a free-ish perk, but for those of us who didn't bite at the time, 2K Games is asking for $4.99. 

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According to 2K, the aforementioned Mongols pack "calls for the strongest leaders to ride with Genghis Khan and his Mongol horsemen to establish the largest continuous land empire ever seen." The Babylonian Pack, on the other hand, puts you in the boots of Nebuchadnezzar II as the King of Babylon works to expand his fledgling empire with unique archers (and other, less special troops).   
Just a small note, but all PC versions of the game will be receiving this content. Rest easy. You have entire continents to conquer soon, after all.