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Ubisoft Finally Reveals Far Cry 3

YOU are Jason Brody. No, YOU. Yes, you right there!

Confirming rumors we've been hearing for some time now, Ubisoft today brought us our first look at Far Cry 3, the latest sequel in its jungle-faring first-person shooter series.

In the game, you are Jason Brody, a man on the hunt for his kidnapped girlfriend and put up against a group of rebels, including one particularly verbose one who seems to enjoy explaining the definition of insanity to our hero.

The action shown in the trailer was unquestionably violent. Lots of blood, lots of explosions. Seemed highly reminiscent of the kind of gunplay you'd typically find in an '80s Schwarzenegger flick, like Predator or Commando.

We'll be sure and get the trailer up as quick as we can. It's a doozy. And it's got swears!

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