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Ubisoft Maybe Thinking About Possibly Making a Rayman: Origins Sequel, Perhaps

Marketing survey features rather specific details regarding a potential sequel for the critically acclaimed platformer.

Rayman: Origins seemed a game doomed to fail at retail. No matter how much critics piled praise upon it (this one included), its $60 price tag and amiable, if not flashy gameplay just couldn't find a way to stand out amid the November retail rush. Still, Ubisoft reportedly did make some money on the game, which is great for those hoping Ubisoft might continue the series some day via some manner of sequel.

An image from the survey in question.
An image from the survey in question.

"Some day" seems perhaps a bit sooner off following this morning's Kotaku report that shows what is purportedly an official marketing survey from Ubisoft-contracted firm Arkenford. The survey images sent Kotaku's way show a few pieces of early art from the supposed sequel, as well as the claim that the new game will feature all of the same basic gameplay tenets of the first (co-op gameplay, a lengthy campaign, etc.) in a world filled with "castles, vampires, ghosts, Greek Gods, or dragons."

As with all marketing surveys, there's a goodly chance that this is all speculative and not terribly accurate, but the specificity of this one coupled with Ubisoft's assertion that Rayman actually was at least a little bit profitable, gives me more hope than usual. Considering how often tremendous disappointment wins out over true happiness in this industry, I am extremely careful about where I lay my hopes and dreams. Don't make me cry, Ubisoft. You wouldn't like me when I cry.

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