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Upcoming Fallout: New Vegas DLC Packs Detailed: Honest Hearts, Old World Blues, Lonesome Road [UPDATED]

Three packs to round out New Vegas' story over the next couple of months.

UPDATE: Bethesda has confirmed the DLC will not add a Broken Steel-esque post-campaign quest.

"None of the upcoming DLCs will allow you to play beyond the main quest," said the company on its message boards. 


With save game funny business reportedly sorted out, those desiring more adventures in the Wasteland can start anticipating three downloadable expansions for Fallout: New Vegas. There are three packs arriving between now and July, one per month: Honest Hearts, Old World Blues and Lonesome Road. 

The first pack, Honest Hearts, arrives on May 17, and drops Vault Dwellers into a tribal war within Utah's Zion National Park after being raided. You'll also encounter someone named the Burned Man. 

In June (Bethesda has not specified a specific release date), Old World Blues pits you and a bunch of pre-war technology against a bunch of Mojave creatures scarred and changed by various experiments.

Finally, Lonesome Road rounds out the world of expandable New Vegas in July. This one will "bring the courier's story full circle," as players are contacted by the original Courier Six, Ulysses, to learn more about the Platinum Chip and why one would decide to refuse delivering it. 

There's no indication any expansion will have the same effect as Fallout 3's Broken Steel, which let you continue after the main campaign. As Lonesome Road could possibly fit that profile, I've asked.     

All three packs will arrive simultaneously on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.  

 Can't argue with large statues of two dudes shaking hands.
 Can't argue with large statues of two dudes shaking hands.
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