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Valve Decided to Approve That Divekick Game

And something called Deadly Premonition, too.

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In the latest string of Greenlight approvals for Steam, Valve accepted fan favorites Divekick, Deadly Premonition, and a slew of others.

The complete list is as follows:

Valve covered a wide range of games here, from crowd-backed prospects (Among the Sleep, A Hat in Time), to already released games seeking a bigger home (Rekoil, Operation Black Mesa), to the types of games one wouldn't ordinarily think needed to go down this road (Deadly Premonition).

In case you missed it, Divekick now has a release date, too: August 20. That’s for the $10 version on PlayStation 3 and Vita, which comes with the always welcomed Cross Buy support. I wouldn’t be surprised if the PC version joined that date, too. I could track Dave Lang down in Chicago and ask him? Nah.

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