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Valve Set To Release Another Team Fortress 2 Update Next Month

This time with a little help from the Polycount community.

Valve still isn't done with Team Fortress 2. Having now completed an update for each class in the team-based shooter, it's now poised to release a grander update that adds in item-trading, more weapons and hats, and even a new game mode to the PC version of the game.

According to PC Gamer, said new items will come from the Polycount contest, which was a competition Valve set up challenging the Polycount community to come up with themed sets for each class in the game. The submissions were evidently creative enough to be dropped in the game proper, and as you'll notice come next month when this patch hits, the items' attributes will be up to snuff with the developer's own stuff in the game.

"…We definitely have lowballed those in the past, in that we’ve chosen something that’s more underpowered than overpowered, because we can just make it a little better later," Valve's Robin Walker explained to PC Gamer. "The Polycount items have had a lot more time on them as a whole, so, we’re doing more interesting stuff there than in general we have with the other items.” 

 The Saharan Spy.
 The Saharan Spy.

Walker said a special "surprise" pack from the Polycount contest would be included in the update as well. He didn't tease the nature of this surprise, nor did he have much to share about the new game mode. Walker said Valve would start talking about it when Valve figures out how to talk about it. 

Fair enough. I figure the least we can do to reimburse Valve for all the free content we've devoured is by being patient for a few more weeks.