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Valve Team Fortress 2 Community Creators Get Some Fat Checks

The Mann Co. Store is up and running, people are buying, and the creators are getting a cut.

Not too long ago, Valve added the Mann Co. Store to Team Fortress 2, allowing users to exchange items and real world cash for in-game items. Thus far, this new storefront has been featuring community-created wares from the winners of the Polycount item-modding contest, and as was promised, these creators are taking home a cut of what has been made during the first two weeks of the Mann Co. Store's existence--and it's a jaw-dropping amount.
According to Valve, five creators, Rob Laro, Shawn Spetch, Steven Skidmore, Spencer Kern and Shylyn Hamm, have taken home checks ranging from $39,000 to $47,000 dollars per person. That's, like, a lot of money for optional (and goofy) items and weapons. 

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== TEASER ==Gamasutra reckons from conversations its had with Valve and the winners that the cut is 25 percent, meaning, according to Big Download, that Valve has potentially made around half a million bones from these knickknacks. Half a million! 

"At a time when content creators are struggling with changing markets and evolving technologies, the Steam community is sending a clear message with these checks," Valve president Gabe Newell said in a press release statement. 

If you're saying to yourself, "Hey, I like money and I can do this," go ahead. Valve has a website up for those who want to contribute to future updates or learn more about the process. And, hey, since I told you about it and all, think I could get five-percent of whatever you make? Just asking.