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Watch This Crazy E3 Demo, Just 'Cause (2)

Seriously, just try to find something more ludicrous than this from last week's show.

Sitting in the Eidos booth at E3, marveling at the unbridled lunacy of the Just Cause 2 demo, I thought "Man, it's going to be hard to sum this madness up in words. I wish everyone could see exactly what I'm seeing right now." Lucky for me, then, that Eidos did what I sort of wish every publisher would do when they exhibit games at a trade show: Release the exact same rehearsed, developer-driven demo in video form. I just wanted to point out that this is exactly the same demo that got me all hot and bothered at the show--and here it is.


I stepped into this demo ironically excited about Just Cause 2, because the first game was so over-the-top and silly, if not actually a great game. But I came out wanting to play the sequel in a very earnest way, because it looks fun as hell. Avalanche has given Rico a few new abilities and addressed the major issues that made the original a little janky. This looks like the game the first one should have been.

Does this video strike you in the same way? Are you finally ready to assume the stunt position?
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