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We Are Probably Going to Be Getting Some Kind of New Tony Hawk Game, Says Tony Hawk

The master of shred (on a skateboard) teases some kind of new product reveal just in time for the Spike Video Game Awards.

Following the calamitous release of Tony Hawk: SHRED, the second peripheral-based skateboarding Activision's long-running Tony Hawk skateboarding franchise, skating enthusiasts everywhere began to wonder if we'd ever see another entry in the series. After all, typically when a game sells 3,000 copies in its opening week, said franchise tends not to get another chance to come back and try again. Then again, not all franchises are as seemingly inviolable as the Tony Hawk series.

Not like this...not like this...
Not like this...not like this...

And given that inviolability, it should come as minimal shock to anyone that apparently we will be getting some kind of Tony Hawk-related announcement come this Saturday around-ish the precise scheduled time of the Spike Video Game Awards. How do we know? Because Tony Hawk himself, perhaps in an attempt to remind us that he is still a real live person and still has a long-term contract with Activision that is binding and legal and whatnot, tweeted as such.

So readeth the tweet:

I'll be announcing the upcoming release of something new on Sat; the same day as the Spike Video Game Awards. Coincidence? I think not.

While that "something" is not expressly identified as a "video game," one can easily surmise that the forthcoming announcement is related to a new video game by the fact that Hawk managed to tie in the upcoming Spike Video Game Awards show to the announcement, thus creating an immediate association between his "something new" and also "video games." When you also add in his questioning of whether or not these two things are a coincidence, and the self-answering of "I think not," he is basically telling us "I am announcing a new video game" through the use of devious language manipulation. Clever girl...

We (meaning me) will be sure to bring you more on this announcement, as well as the many other exclusives Geoff Keighley has been storing inside his chipmunk cheeks for winter, as I live tweet the show this Saturday night alongside Joystiq's Ben Gilbert, Wired's Jason Schreier, and possibly a few other New York-based game journalists who, like me, will have been drinking for hours prior. It's sure to be an event of some fashion.

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