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We're Playing Video Games for 48 Hours - For The Kids!

This weekend only, observe the Giant Bomb team fight sleep and each other for the good of kids everywhere.

It's that time again, people! Remember last year when Alexis and I played 24 hours of Halo for the kids? Well, we're doing it again, except this time we're playing MORE games with MORE people for TWICE AS LONG. On to the details!


We're playing video games to raise money for charity! Specifically, the Children's Hospital of Oakland. Brad's going to do one 24 hour stream from his house, and then, MINUTES LATER, the rest of us will do ANOTHER 24 hour stream from the office!

Do not disappoint this man.
Do not disappoint this man.


Brad: 9am (Pacific) Saturday, Nov 2 - 9am Sunday, Nov 3

Everybody else: 9am Sunday, Nov 3 - 9am Monday, Nov 4

How do I donate?

Go here! Anything you can give would be greatly appreciated! It's for the kids!

How do I watch?

Go here for the official Giant Bomb stream. If you'd like to see what other members of the Giant Bomb Extra Life team are up to, check out this amazing thing our moderator Chaser324 cooked up!

What will you be playing, specifically?

We'll probably do at least some Halo for old times' sake, but this will pretty much be a video game potluck. Everybody will bring something (I happen to know Jeff has a number of old dusty games that need to see the light of day). As for Brad, well… who knows?

Will this stream be archived on Giant Bomb?

If nothing goes wrong, yes!

Can I stream my own games and receive donations?

Sure! That's where the Giant Bomb Extra Life team comes in. Just sign up for an account on Extra Life, tie that account to the team "Giant Bomb," and start streaming! All donations you receive will go to the charity of your choice, and the amount you get will be tallied on our team's total. Last year, Giant Bomb raised $17k by ourselves, but the rest of the team brought the total to $25k! Our team organizer (organiser?), Matt Pascual, has been hard at work, and the team has already brought in over $12k! AND WE HAVEN'T EVEN STARTED!

So join us, won't you?

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