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Jeff welcomes all of you to the real Giant Bomb.

I just ate some really sour candy.
I just ate some really sour candy.
Hello and welcome to Giant Bomb. You've come at a very exciting time, as we've just launched the site. I'm trying to think of ways that I could be more excited, and I'm coming up short. We here at Giant Bomb and Whiskey Media have been hard at work on this site for some time now, and we're happy to finally share all this stuff with you.

So what, exactly, is Giant Bomb? That's a good question. it's a lot of things.

- It's a place that will contain the same style of game-related editorial that you've seen on our pre-launch blog. We still have our weekly podcast, game reviews, previews, and commentary on the gaming world around us. We will still bring our opinions to each and every aspect of gaming without fear. We will focus our coverage on the games that you care about, allowing us to go in-depth on the games that matter.

- It's also ready to become a pretty big gaming community. We, naturally, have a healthy forum section that will let you chat it up with other like-minded individuals. In addition to the standard discussion forums, every single page in the database has a forum at the bottom. Want to post specifically about Gears of War 2? Or Astrosmash? We've got your back.

- One difference you may notice from the way other game sites handle their business is that we put the games first, not the platforms. We're pretty tired of all the platform comparisons that end up saying "dude, I don't know, they both look pretty much the same." We have ONE home page for Grand Theft Auto IV where players can come together, regardless of platform of choice, and talk about the game.

- Then, of course, there's the database. We're stacked full of pages for games, platforms, franchises, characters, concepts, objects, locations, accessories, and the people that actually make games themselves.

All of these pages can be attached to one another. So if there's an object (like a hamburger) that shows up in a game (like River City Ransom), you'll be able to see that link. The end result is a page that shows you every game with a hamburger in it.

Truly the future is now.

I've pieced together a brief tutorial video on how to use the site's various features. Take a look!
I don't really know why there's a picture of Method Man here. Seemed like a good idea at the time.
I don't really know why there's a picture of Method Man here. Seemed like a good idea at the time.
Of course, we're not done yet. Not even close. We have a space for arcade and pinball machines that's practically empty. And you may find a few holes here and there while you're looking around. If you turn up some missing pages, you have the power to add it to the site. That's a good way for you to quickly earn points on the site.

We're pretty happy with where we're at so far, and we're already forming plans for the future. So please, poke around the site and see what you think.

Jeff Gerstmann
Giant Bomb
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