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Welcome Giant Bomb's Newest Member: Jess!

Who's that girl - It's Jess/Voidburger!

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What's good y'all! We are beyond juiced to (re)introduce to y'all the newest member of the Giant Bomb family, Jess a.k.a. Voidburger. She'll be joining the team as a Video Producer and will continue helping out editing video features, Quick Looks, keep the Hot Takeouts coming, and even more video things! But let's hear from the new girl herself:

THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN, AND I HAVE BEEN HIRED. How the hell!? I’m Jess, but you may have known me previously (for the past dozen years or so) as VoidBurger — SomethingAwful Let’s Play Subforum alum and supergeek for the Silent Hill series. I’m beyond stoked to be a part of this crazy-ass website, working with people who have made me laugh for years. I never even thought I’d meet ‘em, let alone make stuff with them! This is dream job territory for me, and I wanna very sincerely thank the fans for being so warm toward me! :’) It means so much. Here’s some fun facts about me:

  • Born and raised in Staten Island, NY but have very little knowledge of Wu-Tang, sadly.
  • My accent comes out when I’m drunk, very tired, or hanging out with other thick-accented NYers.
  • I’m on the wikipedia page for P.T., under Themes and Analysis! Whoa!
  • I’m in the credits for Silent Hill: Book of Memories as “VB”. I’ve been told it’s because the concept artists watched my Let’s Plays while working to catch up on the lore.
  • I’ve been involved on-and-off in shadowcast productions of The Rocky Horror Picture Show for over a decade, including playing Janet once, and emceeing the show 4 or 5 times. The callbacks are burned into my mind. I’ve never actually been in “a real play,” though.
  • My pre-Covid job was being a prop fabricator and gamemaster at an escape room! It was a very fun but very stressful job. I learned that kids love you if you give them permission to swear when there’s no parents in the room. That’s what you get for using me as a babysitter, jerk parents!
  • I like sumo wrestling a lot and have seen it in person once! Covid stopped me from seeing it a second time and I’m very pissed off about it!

My Youtube channels are:

Voidburger Gaming, which is all Let’s Play videos and stream VODs going back yeeeaarrs.

VoidBurger, which I was setting up to be for more produced videos that aren’t JUST gameplay, but then GB swooped in and gave me a Real Job before I could really make a ton of those, haha, whoops.

The Grate Debate, which is a collab between me and my buddy and video production sensei @bobvids, where we discuss Silent Hill news, theories, and how much Konami hates us. Updates very sporadically, because being a Silent Hill fan is a life of soul-crushing disappointment!

And you can follow me on Twitter at @Voidburger! Thanks for having me!