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What Manner of Witcher-craft Will CD Projekt Bring to E3? Sounds Like Something for Consoles [UPDATED]

Developer tells Eurogamer they've got something Witcher-related set for the show, and it ain't Witcher 3.

UPDATE: The ESRB just rated an Xbox 360 version of Witcher 2. So, hey, there's that.
Let it forever be known that there is absolutely such a thing as getting a little too cute with your E3 teases. I adore it when developers drop little hints about things they plan for the show, while maintaining a certain level of surprise-protecting secrecy in the process. It builds hype. It's fun. I like fun.

Is that an Xbox port I see on the horizon?
Is that an Xbox port I see on the horizon?

However, maintaining that Goldilocksian balance of "just right" for such teases is difficult, as evidenced by this recent bit of info dropped by a developer from CD Projekt, the studio behind the delightfully lurid Witcher RPG franchise. In speaking to Eurogamer, Senior Producer Tomasz Gop told the site that something Witcher-related is on the horizon for E3. Okay, so far so good. So, what delectable little hints can you drop for us, Tomasz?

"I can't say anything obviously for gazillions of reasons but it is a Witcher game, and I can say that console gamers might be interested in it."

Wow, okay, so that's a bit of an info dump. Not a tease, really. More of a, "Hey, we're doing a console Witcher thing." But hey, at least that leaves some info to chance. Could this be a console port of the studio's just released The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings? Or perhaps it's an announcement of a third Witcher game, which could also be coming to cons--

"No, I'm not going to lie to you, we haven't started work on The Witcher 3," he said. "But it's possible we might do it in the future."

SIGH. Fine. It's probably a console port of Witcher 2. Way to say pretty much everything by trying to say nothing, Tomasz. You've spoiled all my fun. I LIKE FUN.

On the plus side, hey! Now there's probably going to be a console version of The Witcher 2. Now maybe Patrick will quit all his infernal bellyachin'.

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