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Why Can't We Quit You, Call of Duty 4?

Microsoft joins Giant Bomb in our collective inability to let go of one of 2007's best games.


Last night I was flipping through the channels, or sections, or whatever in the New Xbox Experience (is it OK to stop calling it that yet?) when I ran across the promotional image you see there above. Sure, cool, it's early 2009. Time to see what games the people loved last year. Lord knows we did it ourselves recently.

But what's that, there, on this "best of 2008" graphic? Call of Duty the Fourth? You mean the one that came out in 2007? Yes, it occurs to me that they may simply be referring to the top games based on Xbox Live activity in calendar '08, but until today I thought we were utterly alone in our recognition of COD4 as 2008's best 2007 game. So alone and so, so cold.
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