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Will Wright Talks, I Listen

Cause, meet effect.

While Paul Barnett is a very strong second, I know of no more fascinating a public speaker in the world of video games than Will Wright. I've repeatedly fawned over the man's capacity to insightfully articulate profound scientific and sociological ideas in ways that everyday idiots like me can grasp, and it's been my belief that I could listen to Will Wright talk about anything. He proves my point with this video from the Chronicle of Higher Education, where he spends a solid five minutes pontificating on the intersection of education and games. Edutainment is right up there with Florida Tax Law and Regional Theatre Renditions of Rent on the list of Discussion Topics That Make Ryan Die Inside, but as always, Will Wright manages to make it fascinating. He also shows off his new business cards, which are printed on random foreign currency, which is totally awesome and eccentric in the way I expect Will Wright to be.