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Wizards & Cyborgs Unite To Accept A Giant Bomb Award

Ben Coello (Wizard) and Rich Gallup (Cyborg) have provided us with their acceptance speech for our 2008 Game of the Year award. Let's watch!

Sharp-minded readers may remember that we closed out 2008 with our 50th Annual awards presentation, where we celebrated the best (and opposite-of-best) things to happen in video games throughout the year.

One of the most competitive categories was "Best Product From Someone We All Used to Work With." In the end, it was Rich Gallup who took the trophy with via a masterstroke--a video for something called Azeroth Advisor in which a wizard and a cyborg threw down like a lost scene from a sequel/remake to They Live... if that remake were made by T-1000s.


Congratulations to Ben and Rich! And now, Ben, please get back to making sweet icons for the upcoming achievement/trophy/attainment system we're incorporating into the site later this year! And Rich, go back to spying on Peter Moore to see if he ever kicks that 50-yard field goal!

(Oh, in case you missed it, here's the winning product.)


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Posted By Wolverine

I wish Rich still lived in California with you guys. Why did he have to live in Boston. The funny thing is whenever I'm in Boston I think it myself "Rich and Alex live here. There is a tiny chance I will run into to them". Sadly I never do. :(

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Posted By dirtyfootprints

GOD i want Giant Bomb to hire Rich Gallup

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Posted By TheHT

best acceptance speech EVARRRRRR.

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Posted By will_3rd

probably the funniest video I've seen in a while.

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Posted By dannyodwyer

Never gets old. Especially the cake fail at 4:08.
They are legends among men.

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Posted By SuperMooseman

Nice to see some more of the excellent Rich Gallup. So, when is GB going to hire him?

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Posted By ahoodedfigure

oh my goodness!

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Posted By Media_Master


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Posted By TheIneffableBob

RIP Rich Gallup

I still can't believe he died. May he rest in peace.


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Posted By CallMeRotten


We miss you Rich.

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Posted By joslop500

hahaha, thrusting!!! hellz yea!!!

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Posted By F1

I gotta get that hoodie, partly because it's awesome and partly because Rich Gallup owns it.

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Posted By animateria


You are the man, man!

Nice find. I'm gonna wait till my birthday and when I get some cash, Imma get one myself :D

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Posted By rmanthorp

I want that hoodie ... like so bad! =D

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Posted By Phetz

Funniest video I've seen in a while!!!

Love how he loses the bite of cake at the end.

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Posted By Spiritof

That acceptance video made me cry...tears of joy.

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Posted By themaster408

The stormtrooper hoodie is something I'd kill someone over...even Rich Gallup!

that is...if Rich even CAN be killed...

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Posted By PenguinDust

That stormtrooper jacket is the most geek-tastic apparel I have ever seen!  Luchadors, jackalopes and...a hyper pelvic thrust.  Awesome acceptance video and great work on the WoW video.  Dragonball: Evolution should hope to have such exceptional visual effects.  But I'm still much does Azeroth Advisor cost? 

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Posted By JamesM

You are!

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Posted By animateria

Where did he get that S.Trooper Hoodie?

That thing is the BOMB!

We need an award for that!

(Also... where can I get one?)

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Posted By daniel_beck_90

Can not wait for the GB achievement system

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Posted By AllanIceman

Yes and Yes

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Posted By pepper_2000

...I love you guys

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Posted By zoozilla

That was great - love the jab at Alex's gig at Harmonix.

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Posted By RawShark

Okay, now I wanna buy EDF.

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Posted By seram

The best part about this is the Storm Trooper hoodie.

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Posted By JoelTGM


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Posted By mackgyver

Rich and Ben NEED to be on the GiantBomb crew. HIRE THEM NOW !!!!!!!!!

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Posted By Sarkhan

That was.... fucking great!!! Pls giantbomb. Have a cast with Rich and Ben.

BTW: Awsome giantbomb. You have all the vids, the good ppl, and the fun of the internet. Love this site. Keep going. And a HI from my wife:) she loves your bombcast.

Love Norway

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Posted By Tesson

If only Rich was around more.

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Posted By bjorno

Earth Defense force is pretty great.

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Posted By Jensonb

Rich and Ben always do the funniest stuff.

Bring back The Ben & Rich Comedy Show!

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Posted By SoothsayerGB

Is it personalized?

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Posted By Crono

if this video had just been of the hoodie it would have been awesome, but these guys took it to THE NEXT LEVEL, the BONUS STAGE if you will, and made this the stuff of LEGEND.

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Posted By ht101

That was awesome.  Rich is the best.

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Posted By pause422

Great video, Rich is awesome.

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Edited By ZombiePie

It's good to see Rich out and about, even though it appears he still has problems....

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Posted By Maxszy

Hahaha.. that's great. And that Stormtrooper hoodie.. wow that was awesome.

Avatar image for irishjohn
Posted By Irishjohn

Fixes frame in middle of freak out.... classic.

Also, kind of awesome hoodie.

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Posted By Paradigmer

That hoodie Rich was wearing looks awesome, normally i hate fully zippable hoodies.

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Posted By LeetBalla

Alex Navarro sucks

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Posted By Bardon

xD wth that was amazing.

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Posted By dsplayer1010

HAHAHA! That was great

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Posted By Jayzilla

I heart you giantbomb, for just being you.

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Posted By Charleslegrand


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Posted By Zuul


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Posted By DisAbiLityFisHy

OMG, haha! Masterful work! Loved it!
"OMG look at you!"
"OMG, look at you!"

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Posted By Cerza

LMAO that was great. Always a pleasure to see more of Rich.

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Posted By LordAndrew

And there's Ben showing off his review icons, eh? :)
Congrats, guys.

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Posted By Aaron_G

Good stuff.