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World of Warcraft Auction House App Detailed

And it has a...subscription fee?

 Yep. "Per 30 days." This is a subscription-based iPhone app.
Blizzard is currently letting World of Warcraft players test the new Auction House app for the PC, Mac, and iPhone. Revealed earlier this year, the Auction House app is a program, outside of the proper WoW game, which allows players to interact with the auction houses on their server.
The most interesting thing about the app (and by interesting, I mean completely crazy) is its payment structure. Using the free version of the Auction House app gives WoW subscribers basic functionality, including the ability to check the auction house outside of the game, browse their current and recent auction purchases and sales, and receive notices when their auctions have sold or expired. However, if you pay for the full app, you'll be able to buy and sell items on the auction house, as well as create auctions from items in your bag or bank account and collect gold from those purchases, all from your browser or Apple developed phone.  
And that full functionality can be yours for the low, low price of $3. A month. That's right: An additional $3 subscription on top of the $15 dollars you're already spending on WoW each month. 
Who on earth would purchase this? Who in the world would pay a monthly fee to access non-gameplay portions of a video game? How could Blizzard be crazy enough to ask consumers to pay more money so they can more effectively make and manage fake money?!
I can't deal with this. I'm leaving this news story. Let's all leave this news story together. Let's show Blizzard that we're not going to support this nonsense.
...Okay, I think they've gone. The non-WoW players have gone to another page. We're in the clear. We can talk freely now.
Oh MAN! Mobile Auction House! How awesome is that, WoW players? I mean, okay, not really useful for me right now, because they removed the cooldown for my tailoring and I don't really need to be spending so much time farming eternal fire like I used to (and why would you not be farming eternal fire? You specialized tailoring into not-spellfire? Good luck with that, chumps). But, heck, even if I can use my phone to pick up frost wyrm pots before my guild tries to take down heroic Saurfang, that alone would be totally worth it! $3? Done. Fine. Every month. No question. How else am I going to get enough change to buy a Tome of Cold Weather Flight for my alts?

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But you don't need to take my word for it. Go check out the app on Blizzard's site, or check the armory app for the iPhone. The auction house service is currently free right now, but it is only accessible to users who have characters on a select number of realms. Get on it! It looks...oh shoot! The non-WoWers are coming back! We'll pick this up later. Meet me at ICC. I'll bring the fish feasts.  

 The differences between the free and paid versions of the Auction House app.
 The differences between the free and paid versions of the Auction House app.