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Worth Reading: 10/05/12

This week's edition is coming in hot on Friday night, with plenty of stories, videos, and games to indulge with, including a passionate defense of Nights.

Everyone keeps telling me SCP Containment Breach is really good, so we'll play it eventually.
Everyone keeps telling me SCP Containment Breach is really good, so we'll play it eventually.

If you missed it, the test stream for Spookin’ With Scoops was earlier this week. The archive is still available on Twitch TV. If you choose, you can watch me spill my drink all over the couch, due to an unexpected encounter with my pal Slenderman.

No, we won’t be going back to the well again with Slender. As interesting as that game is, it’s played out by now, and I’m interested in playing things that haven’t come across my desk before. I’m happy to take suggestions on what those games might be, which is why I’ve started a thread on the forums for just that.

Think of Spookin’ With Scoops as something very much like Worth Reading. I don’t know what this feature is going to completely be just yet. Right now, it’s going to be me playing scary video games in the dark and screaming like a girl, but that’s not what it always has to be, and it can easily expand into much bigger and more ambitious things, as Worth Reading has done over the past few months.

So, patience. I’ll be listening to your comments, and evolving as it makes sense. The first episode will be next week!

Hey, You Should Play This

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As a general rule, I don’t contribute to gaming Kickstarter projects, even ones where friends are involved. Especially as a reporter, it simply becomes too messy too quickly, and so I just abstain from the practice. One of the very few I contributed to was Gametrekking, in which designer Jordan Magnuson was seeking funding to travel around the world and create tiny video games based on what he saw, heard, and felt. I’ve written about one of his games from the Gametrekking project, The Killer, which proved especially divisive amongst Giant Bomb readers. His trek and project are now complete, and he’s put everything online with The Gametrekking Omnibus. It’s very impressive.

And You Should Read This

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Yeah, Jeff doesn’t like Nights. He made that pretty clear during the podcast, and the ensuing Quick Look. There are plenty of people, myself included, who liked Nights just fine. No, I don’t think it’s the revelation that others hype it to be, but I’m not outright dismissive at what it does, especially in regards to being a time attack game. Christian Nutt has written a passionate defense of Nights, one driven by the critical pounding it’s taken as a result of the recent digital re-release. While Nutt is perhaps a bit aggressive, he soundly articulates the pro-Nights viewpoint.

If You Click It, It Will Play

Looking For Other Interesting Writing on Resident Evil 6?

I Don’t Know About This Kickstarter Thing, But These Projects Seem Pretty Cool

Valve Just Launched Greenlight, So Here’s Some Games That Don’t Look Terrible

  • I'm still not sure if The Real Texas is any good, but it's super weird and definitely funny.
  • More independent developers should take the critique of pixel art to heart. College Ruled Universe does.
  • I'm a sucker for games with a great sense of motion, which appears to be the aim of The Last Phoenix.

And This Other Stuff, Too

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