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Xavier Woods and Kenny Omega's Respective Top 10 Games of 2016

The worlds of pro graps and pro games collide as UpUpDownDown's Austin Creed and New Japan's Kenny Omega do battle over the top games of the year.

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Xavier Woods (aka Austin Creed) is the host of UpUpDownDown, a YouTube channel dedicated to his enthusiastic love of video games. When he's not touring the globe looking for the hottest games to play, he sometimes professionally wrestles alongside Kofi Kingston and Big E in The New Day, a stable that now holds the record for the longest Tag Team Championship run in WWE history. You can find him ranting and raving about '90s TV shows and world politics, and showing off his super complex and amazing cosplays on Twitter.

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Kenny Omega is one of New Japan Pro Wrestling's top stars. In 2016, Omega rose from the company's junior heavyweight division to the top of the card after winning the prestigious G1 Climax tournament, thereby securing himself a place in the main event at Wrestle Kingdom 11. An avid gamer, Omega also found his way to C.E.O. this year, and bested Creed in a Street Fighter V exhibition match. You can follow Omega's exploits with #theELITE via Twitter.

Austin: It's ya boy Austin Creed, the host of the greatest YouTube channel in existence, UpUpDownDown (go subscribe if you haven't already!). I am also known as WWE superstar Xavier Woods, and am part of the longest reigning Tag Team Champions in the history of the WWE! So it's that time of year again, time to list my top 10 games of 2016. This year has been quite intense for not only video games but for life as well. I've had the opportunity to travel around the world and meet some truly awesome people, especially in the fighting game community. They welcomed me with open arms, so I wanna say thank you to them for that. It has also given me the chance to acquire a new video game rival, a man you may all know by the name of Kenny Omega. I cannot stand this man, but I respect him as both one of the most talented Professional Wrestlers that I have ever seen, and a gamer in the truest, most dedicated sense of the word. But let it be known, while he may have beaten me in our Street Fighter V meeting at C.E.O. this year, he can't touch me in DDR, Def Jam: Vendetta, Tekken, or Windjammers ;)

This year, we shall be giving out our top 10 games together. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the one and only Kenny Omega.

Kenny: Greetings, Giant Bombers! After Austin Creed tarnished the reputation of wrestlers everywhere, Giant Bomb has called upon me to offer a more distinguished opinion for this year's top 10. Yes, much like my good friend Austin, I too make a living as a pro wrestler. If you're only familiar with the WWE, there's a chance you've never heard of me. No problem--I'll explain! I work full time in japan for the country's largest promotion, New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW). Known as a member of #theELITE, leader of the Bullet Club, and Best Bout Machine, I’m doing quite well for myself. I mean, I'd rather not toot my horn but...

Austin: Then don't, no one is forcing you to cont--

Kenny: BUUUUT if I must, I'll just come out with it; I'm a legend.

Austin: LEGEND?!?!

Kenny: I'm also widely considered today's greatest active wrestler. If you need any other proof, check the star ratings, check the tapes, check the internet. Just make sure if you want to see ALL of my accolades, that you set aside a good afternoon/evening…

Austin: Are you done yet? This thing is already getting to TLDR status.

Kenny: Not quite. I also want to add, you know, for the readers that care about the games and stuff… I didn't think Bloodborne was a bad game. Not at all.

Austin: As much as I would love to debate the complete opposite with you, thats an article for another day. Lets go!

Kenny: On to the list! But first, a few footnotes...

Top 3 Games Kenny Wishes He'd Played:

Kenny: Yes, much like Austin, us traveling entertainers work upwards of 300 days a year. As much as we'd like to, we can't play everything, even though there are titles we wish we had. Here are the top 3 I wish I'd played...

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3. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

I'm a sucker for anything cyberpunk, and Deus Ex has always scratched that itch when I needed it the most. Human Revolution was great and the general consensus I've heard is that this latest installment is just as good, if not better. Sounds like a potential top 10'er.

2. Doom

As a kid, there were only ever two reasons to own a computer. First was Doom, the second was Duke Nukem 3D. Based on nostalgia alone I wanted to give this a shot. For whatever reason, I never got around to it this year...

1. Owlboy

I'm never one to invest all of my chips into a game or product based on a teaser trailer, but Owlboy sold me 1000%. There's no question about it, I WILL play this game, but I'm also waiting/hoping/praying for a PS4 release.

Austin: Alright! Thanks for that Kenny. Now lets get into our top 10 gam--

Kenny: Now for some honorable mentions! These are games, or non-games that I couldn't add to the real TOP 10, but definitely had an impact in 2016.

Austin: What?! Kenny! This thing is gonna be long as it is! We gotta go!

Kenny: Don’t sweat it, Creed, it’ll only be a minute. Plus, I checked your notes, plenty we can cut if worse comes to worse.

3. NES Classic

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Kenny: Can you even find this thing yet?

Austin: I actually was able to get hands on one as soon as it came out. And we did a giveaway of an extra one on UpUpDownDown (my YouTube channel, go subscribe if you haven't already). But we did a giveaway so there would at least be one person out there who didn't get hit with that disgusting price gouging that people were doing on the internet.

Kenny: Yes, it was a shame that the shortage encouraged scalping, but a noble act of you to give one away to a lucky subscriber. You might not be all bad after all, Creed…

Anyhow, the NES Classic offers up a collection of some of the best games of all time in a cute package and in HD. I must note that IF I had the gall to use NES Classic titles in my top 10, five or six slots could easily go to games that came out 20+ years ago. And that just defeats the darn purpose of this whole thing...

2. Pokémon GO

I'm an OG Pokémon fan. Avid player of all games, watcher of the series/movies... That being said, I just CAN'T call this a game. Yes, it was fun. Yes, it's rewarding and exciting to find/hatch *insert name here*--BUT, I can't call it a game. I can't and won't. It was a cool little fad while it lasted, though. All three weeks of it. GG's Pokémon Go.

Austin: ::sigh:: I'll speak on this game later...

1. Resident Evil 7 Demo

No main protagonists appear in the demo and nothing in the demo appears in the full game. All the same, how could this demo not get one hyped for RE's comeback to the numbered series??? Upon playing the first version, apart from being scared out of my britches, I knew Capcom was onto something revolutionary. Not only were we playing scared, but the game consumed our thoughts post play. I have complete faith that in 2017, RE7 will rank high in the top 10. Who knows, maybe even top damn one.

Finally, the most honorable of mentions(!!!):

Street Fighter V

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This is a tricky one because I've invested more time into this game than any other on this list. Maybe all of them combined. It's made me feel joy, pain, sadness... It's allowed me to make new friends, establish bonds between common enemies...Body said enemy and embarrass them in front of tens of thousands of people...

Austin: Sounds like it was a good time! Who is this enemy that you speak of?

Kenny: Look, Creed, you’re a hero to UpUpDownDown subscribers everywhere, and we’ve long since buried the hatchet… I really don’t want to embarrass you here and pour salt on those old wounds.

Austin: Oh, so you think you’re talking about me? You said you bodied him. You definitely didn't body me, so don't get on your high horse.

Kenny: Okay okay, you had one or two rounds, fair enough… Besides, the question isn’t whether I took you to the cleaners or not, it’s: “Why the heck is SFV NOT on the gosh darn list?!” Well, I had to be fair, I disqualified it. Yes, now would be the time to explain an unwritten rule of this top ten. No seasonal/evolving games, no ports, no HD remixes/remakes.

All that notwithstanding, I must note that to me, SFV transcends being just a game. Thanks to Street Fighter and it's inner community (the FGC), I've had some truly great memories in 2016. Big thanks to them and see you all at events/online in Season 2!

Austin: Well, since you threw yours out there I'll do mine as well! My honorable mentions are as follows (in no specific order)


No more stall tactics, here we go!

Austin: Now we shall alternate between the two of us. Try not to get confused. I think we already are beyond befuddled at this point, so let's see if this works out!

Kenny's #10: Battlefield 1

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I'd all but given up on FPS games. Not that I dislike them, but the market is oversaturated and I've been burned out since COD: MW3. 2016 hasn't had any shortage of FPS titles, and even though these types of stories (WWI/Alternate WWI) have been done to death, it may have been done the best ever here. And wow, such stellar visuals from that tweaked Frostbite engine.

Austin's #10: Super Mario Run

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I wasn't sure about Mario coming to iOS, and then once I got hands on it I was completely in. I got to interview Miyamoto, which was unreal, but he reminded me that Nintendo has been in the touch screen business way longer than iPhones. So it made sense that they would be able to make something that worked well and looked great. It really has that nostalgic Mario feel and is extremely easy to play. You literally just jump. The game does everything else for you. It's also a great bathroom time waster.

Austin's #9: RPG Creator (iOS)

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It's so hard to find a good RPG creator for those of us who have no idea how to code. I found one on my computer called RPG Maker MV. I was using this to create my very own RPG and I was 45 hours in (yes I was actually logging my time) and my computer exploded and I lost everything. I wanted to burn everything to the ground... Anyway, the iOS version has been released, which for me is great since I travel a ton. It gives you the chance to create your own game, add text, build cities, and pretty much anything else you wanna do. So if you're one of those creative types, having a mobile RPG creator may give you an outlet for that novel you have been working on for six years and still haven't finished.

Kenny: Let me guess, in the fictional world you created “Austin Creed” is a half decent wrestler with segments on TV the are actually interesting?

Austin: Nope, I created a character named Kenny Omega. You would have loved it! The story was about him and his two buddies who were constantly stealing t-shirt designs from their rival group, The New Day. They also appropriated hand gestures, sayings, and crotch chops from past eras. It's definitely a work of fiction and not based on anyone I know. Moving on.

Kenny's #9: Titanfall 2

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EA with back-to-back entries on the list, with games that coincidentally almost released simultaneously. Why Titanfall over Battlefield? This, I'm chalking up to bias... Both games are done superbly well, but I find that Battlefield’s time period limitations ultimately allow for Titanfall’s victory. The futuristic artillery of Titanfall 2 is so destructive and fun to use, and though there are cool vehicles in Battlefield, I’d rather take me a mobile suit with almost-Optimus Prime voice any day of the week..

Kenny's #8: Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 (3DS)

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Many invested their faith (and money) into Mighty No. 9 being the heir to Mega Man throne. Some idiots out there, some of which may be among us here, even accepted it as such...*cough*...

No way, Jose.

Austin: Ummm wowwww, name calling? Such a lack of class after I was kind enough to invite you into my Top 10. Wow Kenny, wow.

Kenny: Invited?! Alex Navarro paid me with pizza and $5 an hour to babysit you throughout this thing! We both knew you’d bring up that sorry excuse for a Mega Man game and--

Austin: I already stated that I didn't take it as Mega Man! It's a different game! Try thinking outside of the box for once! Maybe if you quit wearing sunglasses indoors then you would be able to "see" what I mean. (Bars) GOT YO ASS!

Kenny: ANYWAYS. Enter: Azure Striker Gunvolt. The first installment was great. Better than great, even. The controls and story were tight, art direction stylish, and the J-pop was just so darn catchy. Take that formula, add an extra character story, hidden Shovel Knight boss fight, and you've got yourself a must own 3DS game.

Austin's #8: Superhot

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I heard about Superhot the day before it came out, so I downloaded it at midnight. I was planning on just playing a little bit of it for my channel (UpUpDownDown on YouTube, go subscribe) and then I realized that I had finished the game and hours of my life had disappeared. In this FPS, time only advances when you're moving and it moves as fast as you move. It's kind of wild and out-of-the-box, but very enjoyable. I even like the almost unfinished-looking art style. It's almost as if they were waiting to input the actual art into the game, but it makes the game look unique. It really allows you to focus on the puzzles at hand, which get pretty complex by the end of the game.

Austin's #7: EA Sports UFC 2

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This game surprised me more than any other game this year. For whatever reason I wasn't really expecting much, so I went in with crazy low expectations. Started doing tutorials and the controls were soooooo complex considering you're doing all types of fighting with all the fighters. Then I found "knockout mode". First player to get hit five times loses and the knockout animations are hysterical. This kept me playing it with friends as a great local, king of the couch type of game. Then one friend wanted to play the actual game. We were all weary of the controls, but learning how to play together kept us all extremely into it. When one person would figure something out, they would explain it to the others until our collective knowledge of the game became pretty good. The point is that this is an amazingly fun game to play with friends. For me it's not so much fun alone. Playing online is great when people rage quit, tho. Love that. But the in-room hype between people playing this can get extremely out of hand and, isn't that what we really want?!? YES!

Kenny's #7: Thumper

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I'm glad I'm not a salesman, because I'd have no idea how to explain Thumper to a potential customer. It's completely original, frenetic, and (for me at least) kind of panic inducing. It borders on a horrific experience, but still feels so satisfying when your reactions are firing on a hair trigger and you're grooving to the music. One of the best games I'd played last year also made me feel this way, and it's something I wish I could bottle. I'm glad Thumper did that in its own original way. What game was I talking about? Oh, the second best game to ever be released on Sega CD, Road Avenger. Duh.

Kenny's #6: Kirby: Planet Robobot

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I'll come clean with everyone: Kirby is my favorite Nintendo IP and Kirby's Dreamland for the NES is my favorite game for the system. That's right, Kirby, not Mario 3. Get over it.

Long story short, I'm a fanboy 4-life, and always down for any and every new Kirby game from now until the end of time. That's not to say they're all good though. Epic Yarn wasn't a top 10 game, and the difficulty, or lack thereof, really hurt its fun factor. This game isn't the Dark Souls of Kirby by any stretch, but it recaptures the old NES spirit while adding more power-ups, and the ultimate destructive power of mechs. I love that this became a thing in Kirby. Great job, HAL!

Austin's #6: Attack on Titan

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You know this wouldn't be an Austin Creed list if there wasn't a Koei game on here. AoT rocked the world (for those that hadn't read the manga) when the anime dropped. This game places you right into the AoT universe, and you actually feel what it's like to fly around cutting up titans and saving the city you love. After an intensive tutorial (the controls are kind of bonkers, but so worth it) you gain the knowledge of how to use the movement gear to Spider-Man around all over the place while slashing titans' necks up. The game follows the storyline of the show, and still has that Dynasty Warriors feel. You can play as different characters and upgrade your weapons, which helps as the titans grow in strength. Overall it's a really fun hack-'n-slash game that's even more fun if you've ever wanted to be a member of the survey corps. (I would never in real life, real titans would be absolutely terrifying...)

Austin's #5: Oh...Sir! The Insult Simulator

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Not a game that hit crazy big on the charts, but I believe it should have. Oh Sir is a game that was created at Game Jam, a gathering of people who each build a game in about 72 hours. It won there, and then was later fleshed out into a full game. The premise is that two people argue in the most polite manner possible, and the person with the best insults wins. Words are chosen from a collective word pool in the middle of the screen, and then each player has two words or phrases that only they can select. The better the insult, the more damage is done. Insults are all created by the player and can range from things like "Your mother has never seen Star Wars and smells like a nazi", to "Your hovercraft is disgusting and your father looks like your math teacher, SIR!"

My favorite part about this is that you can play online with other humans. I cannot explain the joy of properly insulting another human so eloquently, and then having my hand raised in victory. I think I enjoy this game so much because it reminds me of the continuous conversations i've had with Kenny. Me eloquently verbally ripping him apart while he frantically and desperately mumbles his way along, trying to string words together to form a sentence. Maybe we inspired them to make this game?!?

Kenny's #5: Broforce

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First off, I'm a huge fan of couch co-op. Call me old fashioned, but I almost couldn't care less about online functionality in games. I've passed up a ton of otherwise great games because they skipped out on a couch co-op function that should have been there. (Shame on you guys, btw)... Thankfully, Broforce didn't do that. In fact, I feel as though this game was made for guys like me: '80s/'90s action movie buffs. Nonstop fun and laughs from start to finish and really, the only gripe I have with this game is that there was an end!

Kenny's #4: Final Fantasy XV

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It's not the GOAT of all FF titles, but it never had to be. It's still awesome, and great balance of old and new. So was it worth the wait? Yes, yes it was. Truthfully, I feel guilty for having to place this game where it is on the list... It has everything it takes to be #2, or heck, maybe even #1, and yet my lifestyle on the road prevents me from enjoying it more. I want to grind, and I want to enjoy the huge world, but these things take so much time, and I rarely had enough to feel satisfied with a single session. Of course, FFXV has its share of problems. The framerate is erratic, the camera will sometimes lose its mind during battle, but...Well, that’s really it. (I’ve heard complaints about combat and music, but I love both, actually). No huge qualms from me, plus you’ll hear more from Creed, so I’ll wrap this up by saying that this game and series are alive and well. I will continue to scour the lands, complete side quests, and play/pay for any DLC upcoming. Give me Gilgamesh, Battle on the Big Bridge, and give me the damn Death Train (w/ Sabin).

Austin's #4: Overwatch

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Obviously this is on my list considering my respect for the all mighty Zenyatta. I played as him before his insane buff, so don't get any ideas. When this game dropped I wasn't sure what all of the hype was about. My head was involved in all kinds of other things, so at launch I wasn't phased while everyone else was drooling all over themselves. But when I finally played it a few weeks later, then I understood. This is one of the most fun FPS games that I've ever played. Also, there is no story mode, but Blizzard managed to create stories for each of the characters and put them online for us to watch. Between these videos and the various pieces of lore published around the internet, suddenly Overwatch becomes a very story intensive game. Watching these stories and learning why each character is the way that they are really creates a solid bond between player and the various personalities in the game. I've come to hate the words "high noon", and found myself running away when I heard them in real life once. Not proud of myself...

Austin's #3: Street Fighter V

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One thing that Kenny and I do agree on is that this game is incredible. Street Fighter has been wild this year. I don't think I've ever been into a Street Fighter as much as this one. I've played them all my life, but never trained to make an attempt at defeating a rival who trains with world champions. First off, the community for Street Fighter is amazing. Getting the chance to be welcomed into the FCG has been really cool. That definitely adds to my enjoyment of the game. There are so many excellent people who are willing to take their time to help you get better if you're willing to put the time in. Now the game, it was definitely rough at the beginning, and people were upset with the lack of characters and content. At this point that's literally the last problem they have. There are all kinds of skins and stages, plus even more stuff coming out all of next year. Playing the game is beyond fun, even if you're trash at it And I'm a prime example of that!

Kenny's #3: Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

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If this is indeed Drake's last adventure, what a way to close the series. Flawless storytelling, lush environments, great set pieces, gameplay that feels fluid and organic. All that, and they still fit in a cameo from Crash Bandicoot... It's that high standard of quality we've come to expect from an Uncharted game, and it never fails to be the Cadillac of all AAA franchises. In terms of in game performances, Nolan North steals the show, but that isn't taking away anything from the rest of the cast. An immersive, cinematic and interactive masterpiece that is a must own for PS4 owners.

Kenny's #2: Pokémon Sun/Moon

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I had used the words "flawless" and "near perfect" to describe Uncharted 4, and I'm gonna do it again here. This takes the tried, tested, (and addictive) formula of Pokémon and spreads improvements across the board. The visuals, music, story, added features...some serious time and effort went into this game and you can tell Game Freak/Nintendo intended this to be the Pokémon title of the year. I've beaten the main quest and am still playing at around 88 hours in. For all that wanna know, I went with Rowlet as a starter. My leader, however (and easily new favorite Pokémon, btw) is the almighty Mimikyu.

Austin's #2: Final Fantasy XV

Clearly this was going on my list considering that I'm kind of obsessed with RPGs and specifically the Final Fantasy franchise. Plus my Square Enix bias, but anyway I'm sure you all have either by now played and beat it, or at least seen someone playing it. Obviously it's Final Fantasy, so there are certain tropes that we're going to get. In VII we got the hard-ass protagonist who thinks he doesn't need anyone to get by. In X we got the protagonist with daddy issues that effect all of the decisions he makes through the story. In XIII we got our headstrong female protagonist who could most likely put us all in body bags (I really liked Lightning). And now in XV we actually have gone back to a trope previously used in X-2. In X-2 the story revolved around a female pop group, similar to Jem and the Holograms with how they could magically change clothes and crank out sweet tunes. In XV, we find ourselves controlling the leader of the hottest new boy band to hit Eos. Hair gelled and ready to get young Prince Noctis to his betrothed, his crew of Ignis (the smart one), Gladiolus (the rugged one), and Prompto (the shy one) all are integral players in this story.

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On a serious note, it's actually really cool to see the relationship between these characters play out especially on the car rides. By not skipping them, you get a chance to hear banter between the boys, which makes you feel like you're really on a road trip with these guys. That sort of feeling feels rare in games nowadays. It's become harder and harder for me to actually feel like I'm a part of the game as I get older. I'm not sure if it's me changing or the games, but regardless, this one made me feel like I was part of the crew even from the start. You begin by pushing a car that has run out of gas. So brutal, but it's actually cool because the contemporary soundtrack brings out certain emotions that I don't think would have arisen otherwise.

They also did a great job of making me care about each of the characters, to the point that I almost cried when one of them was killed (it was during a live stream, hard times man). Also, the fact that, while you're in the car, you can listen to the soundtracks from the previous games, gives you a customizable experience. It's great for people who have been fans from day one, and also for people who are new to Final Fantasy and JRPGs in general. The fact that they were able to make these two types of people mix and have something to talk about with each other is pretty cool. The goal is always to draw everyone in and make sure they enjoy the experience, and that's exactly what this game does. Every part of it, minus the chapter where you don't have your weapons and can't run. It's way too long and I may have almost had an aneurysm (sarcasm) while trying to finish it. Other than that I loved it!

Austin's #1: Mafia III

I already know what some of you who have played this are going to say. "But this game became so repetitive WAAAA WAAAA WAAAA". ::stands up and pushes chair to the table:: You know what else is repetitive? Dynasty Warriors, Final Fantasy, RPGs in general, brushing your teeth, Street Fighter, all fighting games for that matter, waking up, breathing, shooters, and yes, even the process of getting a game, playing a game, finishing a game...then getting a new game. But these things are also all amazing (especially Dynasty Warriors), so let's agree to set this nonproblem aside as we talk about how incredible this game is.

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I felt an immediate attachment to this game from the time that I saw a video explaining the story and mechanics at E3. You play as Lincoln Clay, a soldier who has just come back from serving in the Vietnam War. He happens to be black, and this story is set in a time where black people were treated quite poorly by a lot of the American population. Not to get to real and make things too serious, but this really hit home for me and drew me into wanting to play it in the first place. No punches are pulled with the language and how Lincoln is treated by many people through the game. There is even a disclaimer at the beginning pretty much stating that you're gonna hear a lot of pretty horrible racial slurs, so prepare yourself. The fact that they were not afraid to make it feel as real as possible with the current social climate really made me respect the people that worked on this game even more than I normally would. If this aspect of the game would not have been included then it would have felt like a regular open world mob game, which might have been fine, but wouldn't have had nearly the same impact. So kudos to 2K and Hangar 13 for having the balls to really dig into some serious stuff. At one point you legit have to fight the This is a thing that I'm doing right now?!?! Inflammatory images, inflammatory speech, inflammatory story, and you get the chance to overcome all of it. I love it.

Now as far as the actual game goes, it's gorgeous, the soundtrack is amazing, you really feel like you've gone back in time to this era, and the story is so strong that if you let it then it will suck you in completely. The controls are intuitive, the side quests are interesting, and taking over parts of the city really enhances the story. When you take a section of the city, you give it to one of your three underbosses, and if one feels left out then a side mission opens where they'll turn on you, forcing you to take them out. It's great that your choices over time essentially mold how the story unfolds. Then once you make it to the end of the story, then there are three separate endings that have awesome cinematics explaining how events unfold after you take over the city.

I've never played the other Mafia games, so I'm not sure how many similarities this one has to the earlier games, but I do know that this one is beyond incredible on so many levels. In my opinion, Mafia III is the best game released in 2016.

Kenny's #1: Enter the Gungeon

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I'm thinking this may be a shocking choice to some, but all things considered I can't deny that this was my GOTY. I can't remember a game in recent memory that I had so much trouble putting down. That even when it felt impossible (sometimes unfairly so), that I couldn't stop. Even after encountering a bad room, or an unlucky loadout, there was always a feeling of progression and a feeling of, "OK, one more run, motherfucker". It harkened to the old NES days. Not so much where games were a lengthy grind, but a collection of white-knuckle sprints. Countless oh-so-close, throw your controller at the wall moments, and then that one, special, "legendary run" where the stars align and you do the impossible. Those moments, especially when shared with friends, live forever. I'm nostalgic for stuff like that, so bringing back those old Castlevania and Ninja Gaiden-esque feelings carries a ton of weight with me.

I hope to see more of the Gungeon from Dodge Roll and Devolver Digital in the future. If the characters' past scenarios are any indication, there's huge potential for varied environments and even deeper stories/situations to explore.

Austin: And that's it! Those are our top 10 games of 2016!

Kenny: Thanks for sticking with us till the end!

Austin: I'm actually really surprised that we got all the way through this without killing each other. I'm proud of us!

Kenny: Yeah, and you know something? Your choices were pretty good! Could I maybe suggest shorter reviews next time, though? I felt myself nodding off a bit towards the end...

Austin: This coming from the guy with five honorable mentions before the top 10! Perhaps a friendly game to snap you out your drowsiness?? Def Jam? Windjammers? Mario Kart?

Kenny: I’ll pass, Creed. We got our work cut out for us if we’re gonna do this again in 2017

Austin: Speaking of... Tekken 7 drops next year, so if you want it in that, then i would be glad to handle you again.

Kenny: You would have the audacity to challenge me in a game that’s officially partnered with my company in Japan?! Oh Austin, the size of your ego never ceases to amaze me. You do remember what happened the last time you challenged me in a fighting game, right?

Austin: Yeah yeah yeah, we know, you beat me in Street Fighter. Always bringing up old stuff. That's your problem! You're living in the past! 2017 means there will be tons of new games for me to obliterate you in!

Kenny: Yes, and since there’s no way Giant Bomb will ask you back for another top 10, you can just focus on one or two of them, and get reeeeally good at them. Well… for you, anyway...

Austin: My god, even though you have been SO RUDE, I'll let you close this thing out...I'm a man of class, unlike you.

Kenny: You’re G-rated television, you have to have more class than me. But hey, as a friend, I’ll keep it clean for the next few sentences.

Austin: We are PG! Like Shrek! And Shrek is hilarious!

Kenny: Thanks for everything, folks. Those are our lists! Agree? Disagree? Wondering where your favorite game(s) were? Well, if you have problems, I assure you it’s all Austin’s fault. So just leave some negative feedback on his YouTube channel, and remember that I tried my absolute best to carry him through this sucker.

Austin: By negative comments, he of course means positive comments and likes! It helps my algorithms and whatnot. Gotta get those likes on my videos to keep this thing gaining steam. Don't play with my channel Kenny, don't play.

Kenny: Happy Holidays, (even to Austin), and thanks for reading!

Austin: OH! ONE MORE THING! This wouldn't be a top 10 from me unless there was a rant of some sort, so here it is.

Most anger inducing game of 2016

Pokémon GO

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Austin: OK, so if you're like me, or anyone else who has a heart pumping blood through their veins, then you probably downloaded Pokémon GO. Considering I'm basically a 12-year-old with a bank account, I was stomping my feet waiting for this to drop. When it finally did, then it was like the world was overrun with happiness. But for me it wasn't long until this happiness turned to pure rage. For maybe two months, I was a devoted, playing-every-single-day type of person. I could deal with the stalling out while trying to overtake a gym, I could deal with my GPS not realizing I was literally on top of a Pokéstop, I could even deal with the app freezing when I was trying to catch a Charizard in the middle of Times Square at 5:30 a.m. (this really happened).

What I could not deal with was the realization that the only two things that I and all of my friends wanted would not be added to the game. All we wanted was to be able to trade and fight each other! Considering that we put so much time into this (and possibly money... possibly...) WE GOT PISSED 'CAUSE WE WANTED TO TRADE! This may have upset me way more than it should have, but c'mon, man. To me, that's what Pokémon is built on. Trading and fighting, and we can't do that?!? I have just tried to forget about GO while I've been playing through Sun, and it's definitely helping my mood towards Pokémon. But the app lies dormant on my phone, taunting me daily as I wait and hope for a brighter tomorrow. I just wanna be the very best...