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Xbox 360, Wii Receive Holiday Price Cuts

Nothing expected from Sony on the PS3 or Vita front, however.

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It’s nearly the holiday season, so it’s not a surprise both Nintendo and Microsoft have enacted price cuts. Both Xbox 360 and Wii are seeing tweaked bundles as October rolls into November.

The new $129.99 blank-tinted Wii bundle includes both Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort on a single disc, in addition to a Wii Motion Plus controller and matching nunchuck. All of those games and controllers will work on that fancy new Wii U coming next month.

Microsoft has enacted cuts to several of its holiday bundles, as well. The more vanilla Xbox 360 hardware options are the same price as always, but the $299.99 bundles, which come in several varieties, are now $249.99. It’s likely these are “temporary” cuts, as the bundles often change.

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