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XSEED Will Do What Nintenwon't, Agrees to Localize 'The Last Story' for North America

Mistwalker's Wii RPG will finally be coming to the U.S. this summer.

If you were one of the many Wii owners grousing loudly and frequently when it seemed as though Nintendo had no intention of bringing one of several highly regarded role-playing games for the system over to North America from Japan, your rage was likely soothed just a bit when the company finally agreed to just go ahead and put Xenoblade Chronicles out here this April, because you wouldn't shut up about it. That, however, still left Pandora's Tower and Mistwalker's The Last Story floating about in the unlocalized ether, perhaps never to be properly available in the States...

Your letter writing campaign paid off! Again!
Your letter writing campaign paid off! Again!

...Until today! During a largely 3DS-focused conference this morning, the company let slip that The Last Story would be coming to America, with localization courtesy of independent publisher XSEED Games.

XSEED obviously has a history of taking typically obscure Japanese games and bringing them to the North American market. In the case of The Last Story, they'll be handling all localization duties, and handling exclusive publishing duties in North America, courtesy of a special deal with Nintendo, who co-developed the title with Mistwalker.

No more specific release date than "this summer" has been announced, but that's still a hell of a lot better than the "probably never" we had to work with prior to this morning. While it doesn't sound likely that anyone will be picking up Pandora's Tower at this point, you've gotta figure two out of three headed to American shores is a vast improvement over the zero out of three we were staring at late last year, right?

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