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Yaris Not Totally Missing in Action...Yet

One of the best/worst advergames ever is quietly disappearing from Xbox Live, but you can still download it...if you've already downloaded it in the past.

This is by far the best thing about Yaris.
This is by far the best thing about Yaris.
If you asked me when I woke up this morning what was on my agenda for the day, I promise you the list would not have included "write about Yaris." Yet here I am, letting you know that last year's awful Toyota-inspired advergame is actually being removed from Xbox Live Arcade as we speak. According to Joystiq, the game has vanished from the Marketplace download index, so you can no longer grab it and experience the terror for yourself.

Destructoid has provided a follow-up stating that the year-long contract for Yaris has expired, which explains the absence. This isn't Microsoft making good on its past plan to start delisting XBLA games or anything. Yaris' time has simply come. Actually, Yaris' time should never have come in the first place, but that's neither here nor there.

Though Destructoid says Yaris has been "completely eradicated from the Arcade consciousness," we verified that the game isn't completely gone yet. Ryan was able to pull up his download history (in the NXE dashboard, no less), find Yaris on the list, and download it again. That will only work if you downloaded the game in the past, though; otherwise you're probably out of luck. But then, other than 200 achievement points, you aren't missing anything. At all.

I truly can't believe I just wrote a story about Yaris. I mean, really?
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