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Yep, Electronic Arts Is Bringing NFL Blitz Back, Too

Mark your digital calendar for next January, folks.

Don't screw this up, Electronic Arts.
Don't screw this up, Electronic Arts.

Jeff called it back in November of last year: NFL Blitz is making a return.

First details came out yesterday, causing confusion over how Electronic Arts would roll out the game, but a press release today clarifies this is a downloadable release--not retail. In other words, forget a bunch of the bitching we may or may not have done on this week’s Bombcast.

The high-definition update arrives in January for both Xbox Live Arcade (1200 Microsoft Points) and PlayStation Network ($14.99), and maintains the 7-on-7 gameplay from the original series.

Similar to NBA Jam, NFL Blitz will have an expanded single-player mode called the Blitz Gauntlet, which sees players fighting through a series of teams, in addition to “exclusive fantasy bosses.” Two people can play on a team simultaneously, with up to four total, and that extends to online.

EA also seems to be incorporating its popular Ultimate Team concept from its other sports games into NFL Blitz, calling it the Elite League here. Players purchase cards using “Blitz Bucks,” which are earned while playing online. These cards can affect on-field play, providing advantageous power-ups And while released footage shows the option of punching in codes to unlock random cheats, apparently some will be purchasable in the “Blitz Store” using your...I’m not going to say it again.

For colorful audio, NBA Jam commentator Tim Kitzrow will be joined by actor and comedian Brian Haley (Gran Torino).

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