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Yes, People Can Fly is Working on Gears of War Judgement [UPDATED]

New details on the next Gears of War game, including an official title and the star characters.

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UPDATED: Seemingly trying to get ahead of scans and leaks, Game Informer has confirmed the new game is called Gears of War Judgement, and will involve both Baird and Cole.


People Can Fly is, in fact, involved with the next Gears of War, Epic Games president Mike Capps confirmed on Twitter this morning.

This comes just one day after the new Gears of War game was announced on Game Informer's cover, and Epic Games' public relations department bizarrely dodged any questions of who was making it.

Besides the developer, we have no details on what the game is. Speculation around the office is that it's not necessarily a prequel (why hide Marcus Fenix's head, which wouldn't be much of a surprise?), and it could follow the squad introduced in the most recent Gears of War 3 downloadable content, RAAM's Shadow.

Is it too much to hope for Bulletstorm 2 secretly being a new Gears of War game? Probably, but I'll try.

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