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You Can Pre-Order Mass Effect 3 Now Via PSN

Digital Mass Effect 3 to be available day and date with retail copies.

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It’s possible to buy full games on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live, but both companies have only barely tipped its toes into the water. Traditionally, the games appear for purchase months after they’ve been available at retail.

Sony and Electronic Arts are taking a step forward with Mass Effect 3, as the PlayStation Blog notes the game will be available day and date on PSN alongside the retail version on March 6, and you can digitally pre-order on PSN now.

Anyone who pre-orders through PSN will gain access to the M55 Argus rifle. What’s that?

“The Argus is a high-powered rifle and an excellent close-range weapon. Its bursts of fire ensure ammunition conservation during lengthy conflicts. Law-enforcement agencies across the Mass Effect galaxy are adopting the Argus as their standard rifle, as much for its intimidation factor as its suppression power.”

PSN consumers also gain access to a system theme that won’t be available anywhere else.

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