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Your Unopened Game Pile of Shame

Hey, that rhymes! We're copping to our embarrassing stack of unplayed games. Post yours!

So many games, so little time.
So many games, so little time.
A couple of days ago, a study performed by the NPD Group was making the rounds in the blog world, looking at statistics related to average consumers' DVD and video game collections. Via Kotaku, here are the relevant stats.

  • The average DVD household has 114 DVDs in its collection.
  • The average video game collection has 48 titles.
  • 26% of the surveyed DVD households own some unopened DVDs.
  • 11% of the surveyed video game households own some unopened games.

The big story, of course, was that 11% never-played figure at the bottom. I'm not surprised that it's there; I'm surprised it isn't higher. I know I've bought an embarrassing number of games (mostly on sale, to be fair) that I've never gotten around to even putting in a console. Haven't you? Who has time for all these games? It's awfully easy to keep telling yourself, "Yeah, I'll get around to that someday!"

Among the other sites' stories I saw on this topic, no author was brave enough to divulge his or her own pile of shame. Well, hey, we're all about transparency over here at Giant Bomb, so here's a quick list of the unplayed games most egregiously taking up shelf space in our houses.

I know we're going to get eviscerated for some of these.

 Katamari DamacyKnights of the Old RepublicZelda: Ocarina of Time (We have a winner!) Final Fantasy X 
 PsychonautsSuper Mario GalaxyFinal Fantasy VII and VIIIThe Red Star
 Beyond Good & EvilNFS Pro StreetWe Love KatamariGRAW 2
 Burnout 3Condemned 2Super Paper MarioTrauma Center
 Super Mario SunshineNeverwinter Nights II GoldBoom Bloxid Collection (Steam)
 Super Mario GalaxyGRAW 2SSX BlurKane & Lynch

So what's on your personal pile of shame? Come on, admit it.
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