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Yuji Naka Catering to Flightless Bird Niche?

First hedgehogs, now penguins.

Seriously, what the hell.
Seriously, what the hell.
You know, when you stop and think about it, Sonic the Hedgehog is pretty weird, and a little bit arbitrary. Why would a hedgehog be so fast? Why, for the love of jeez, is he blue? And what's up with the whole obsession with rings? Yuji Naka, the creator of Sonic, continues to confound with this teaser site for his upcoming untitled game. Featuring little more than a bemused looking penguin and the text "World first, the game that even penguins can play." the site offers little insight into just what the hell is going on here. Will it feature a chartreuse rollerskating Emperor penguin named Loopy on a quest to collect expired foreign passports? Will the game come packed-in with a penguin companion for co-op play? The mysteries, and poorly conceived theories, abound!

We should know a little more about this new project soon enough, as there's a countdown clock on the site with 17 days currently remaining, which is, coincidentally, right around the first day of the Tokyo Game Show. Hopefully we'll get to see this mystery project at the Makuhari Messe for ourselves.