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Zelda Concert Series Kicks Off in October in Ye Ol' Los Angeles

Because nothing says fancy like dressing up for orchestral Zelda music.

I'd pay good money to hear an ocarina solo.
I'd pay good money to hear an ocarina solo.

I'll admit to having chills when Shigeru Miyamoto came on stage at the Nintendo press conference, backed by an orchestra playing music from The Legend of Zelda. Nostalgia, man. Bask in it.

As part of celebrating the 25th anniversary of the series, Nintendo announced a concert series that would be going around the world. The first details on that series are coming out, with the premiere taking place on October 21 in Los Angeles, California at the Pantages Theatre.

Tickets will set you back $35 for cheap seats. Prices go as high as $173, though. For that price, maybe you'll get to hold hands with Miyamoto.

The whole tour is being organized and produced by Jason Michael Paul Productions, the same company behind the very successful (and fun) PLAY! A Video Game Symphony series.

No word on the dates or venues for the rest of the tour, which will wind its way around in 2012. Keep an eye on, however, for the latest.

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