Artie Ziff

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    Artie was formerly known as Marge's ex-lover and owner of Ziff Corporation

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    Artie Ziff and Marge Simpson have known each other since High School as the two dated of them dated each other at the senior prom before Homer was hitting off with her.

    As Ziff graduated High School, he went off to college as he learned his degree about software before he owned and became president of his corporation Ziffcorp.

    As his company was completely bankrupt, he stayed at The Simpson residence as realizes he's been close to Marge before she never admit about her prom date. He framed Homer as he was CEO and majority shareholder until he lost his shares to in a Homer poker game as he went jail.

    As Artie was kicked out by Marge , he decides to take the blame what he's done and release Homer from prison and he decides to go to jail until Selma becomes his new lover.


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