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    Arumat P. Thanatos

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    Arumat is an Eldarian and a playable character in Star Ocean 4. His weapon is a laser scythe.

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    An intimidating figure

    Arumat presents a threatening demeanor as one of the most well-known, ruthless members of the Eldarian military. Wielding a formidable laser scythe, he is competent both in physical combat and in the use of symbology, carrying himself as a powerful ally in battle. Due to a degenerative muscle disease, he doesn't have long yet to live. However, he refuses any attempt at a cure and instead uses his impending death as inspiration to push himself to the bounds of physical ability and avenge the deaths of the men lost in the attack that caused his disease.

    In Star Ocean: The Last Hope, he is left stranded , facing death alone in his ship after a brutal attack. In a twist of fate, the warrior is rescued by Crowe F. Almedio and finds some inspiration in the driving force and indomitable will of his new companion. Arumat chooses to travel with Crowe, and then later with Edge, in their quest to save the universe, though his actions may be due less to any sense of altruism than the self-destructive sense of purpose that forces him onward.

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