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    Asajj Ventress

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    Asajj Ventress is a Sith assassin appearing in the Star Wars: Clone Wars TV show, movie, and comics. She tries on multiple accounts to kill both Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

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     Asajj Ventress is a character from the Star Wars: Expanded Universe, the fiction taking place outside of the movies. She is a Dark Jedi, one of Count Dooku's apprentices. Her greatest desire is to become a member of the Sith order. She has adorned her body with many Sith tattoos. She is a powerful warrior in combat, wielding dual red lightsabers, with curved blades similar to Count Dooku's.

    Ventress' background is explained in the Star Wars: Republic comic "Hate and Fear". She s from the planet Rattatak, born to a pair of farmers. When her parents are killed by the warlord, Osika Kirske, she must endure brutal beatings. She eventually manages to escape, barely alive, and runs into Jedi Master Ky Narec, who crashed on the planet. They are both hunted by Kirske, so he trains in the Jedi arts so that she can have a means to defend herself. Narec is killed before Ventress' training can be completed, however. She keeps his lightsaber as a memento. Believing them responsible for her mentor's death and the bloodshed on her planet, she develops a deep hatred of the Jedi. She becomes a powerful authority on her planet, killing off the remaining warlords, including Kirske, getting revenge for her master's death.

    The Clone Wars

    While on Rattatak looking to add it to the separatist movement, Count Dooku is searching for an apprentice. Asajj Ventress appears and slaughters every combatant in a large arena, claiming to be a Sith. While impressed with her victory, Dooku laughs at her claim. She tries to attack him, but he knock her out with a blast of Force Lightning. When she wakes Dooku attacks her. She grabs her lightsabers from a nearby table. Dooku quickly wins the duel and destroys her lightsabers. He states that if she were truly Sith, she would not be so easily defeated. He is however, impressed with her abilities. Darth Sidious appears, and recruits her to lead the Separatist forces, appealing to her deep hatred of the Jedi. He instructs her to kill Anakin Skywalker and presents her with a pair of lightsabers with curved hilts. Ventress leads Anakin into a chase on Muunilist and they engage in a vicious battle on Yavin IV. He eventually uses his powerful connection to the force to brutally over power her. She falls into a deep crevasse, saving her life.

    Ventress is later sent to Coruscant to kill Obi-Wan Kenobi and another Jedi. She discovers Anakin's marriage to Padme Amidala. Anakin, enraged, attacks Ventress. During the ensuing battle she scars his face. But he eventually wins and she suffers another large fall. She is assumed dead.

    Ventress appears one more time in the comic "Obsession". Suffering from her fall on Coruscant, she is sent to Boz Pity, where Dooku puts her in a bacta tank and gives her cybernetic enhancements. Kenobi later ventures to the facility to find her. She is awakened and attacks him. During the battle, Dooku tries to escape. Noting her continuous failure he orders one of his Magnaguards to finish her. As she runs toward Dooku's ship, she is shot in the chest, seriously wounded. She tries once more to kill Kenobi, but Anakin attacks her from behind mortally wounding her. Dying, she tells them where the Separatists' next target is. Believing her dead, Kenobi put her on a ship headed to Coruscant so that she can receive a proper funeral. However, she puts herself in a Sith trance and survives. When she wakes, she orders the pilots to take as far away from Dooku, the Jedi and the war as possible.

    She is seen one last time a month later at the battle of Xagobah.

    She is also a main character in the Star Wars: Clone Wars movie.

    Video Games

    She makes a small cameo as a playable hero character in a downloadable content pack for Star Wars: Battlefront II.

    She is also in the Star Wars: Clone Wars game, based on the movie.

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