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    Asbel Lhant

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    The heir to the Lhant family who runs away from home at a young age to train as a knight. Has a strong desire to protect others which never leaves him from childhood.

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    Asbel as a young child
    Asbel as a young child

    Asbel is the firstborn son of Aston and Kerri Lhant and the older brother of Hubert. As a child, he is a mischievous rascal, though seven years of training at the Knight Academy disciplines him into a humble and just person.

    Asbel is 11 years old during the first part of the game, and 18 during the main portion.



    11 year old Asbel is an outgoing troublemaker who oftens drags along his meek younger brother Hubert and feuds with their strict father, Aston. After the death of his new friend Sophie and the adoption of Hubert by a foreign family, Asbel becomes distraught and frustrated, refusing to inherit his father's position as family head. He runs away to Barona, the capital city, to enlist in the Knight Academy, where he studies for seven years.


    18 year old Asbel is a much more humble and patient person, having spent years training under Captain Malik Caesar. He is summoned home for the first time after the sudden death of his father.


    Asbel's unique mechanic is that he can keep his sword sheathed to use one set of skills and unsheathe his sword to use another set of skills. Switching back and forth between the two are key to stringing up combos with him.


    Asbel in Suzaku's Knights of the Round outfit
    Asbel in Suzaku's Knights of the Round outfit

    Asbel is able to wear an outfit of Suzaku Kururugi from Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion through DLC. Suzaku and Asbel share the same Japanese voice actor. They are also both knights in white who befriend a prince during childhood who later becomes evil/does evil things (Lelouch Lamperouge for Suzaku and Richard for Asbel).

    This outfit is not available to North American players because of licensing reasons.


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