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    An Israeli-born attacking Operative working with FBI SWAT and Rainbow. Her specialized grenade launcher can destroy weaker barriers and walls from afar.

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    Ash is one of the most popular and dominant Operators in Rainbow Six Siege thanks to her speed, weapons, and destruction capability. Her unique ability is a launcher that fires a breach charge in a straight line, capable of destroying barricades and unreinforced walls. Ash can also carry three breaching charges, increasing her destruction power.

    Ash helped popularize the rushing meta in Siege, wherein the attacking team focuses on overwhelming defenders with speed and quick kills. Because her smaller physical size relative to other Operators can make her more difficult to hit, many players have complained about her hitbox being allegedly broken. This combined with her powerful weapons makes her an extremely effective attacker.


    • Ash serves as the unofficial field commander of Rainbow, often involving herself in tactical decisions and serving as the main point of contact between Six and the rest of the team.
    • In the Shifting Tides animated trailer, Ash explicitly disagrees with Six's decision to hire Nighthaven, refusing to trust who she sees as mercenaries who work for both allied and enemy governments as long as they get paid.

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