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Asha is the last heir in a long line of Eth mages. After pursuing a forbidden path of magic at the Quicksilver College, she was expelled from the school and disowned by her family. 
After her expulsion Asha made her way south to the Dragonslayer Covenant. Here she became a top arcane warrior and helped stave off the Blood Storm cult. While traveling beyond the Ward she encountered Regulos, the greatest of the six dragon gods of the Blood Storm. He wanted Asha to become the general of the his armies in Telara. When she refused his request, Regulos attempted to end her life by igniting her very soul. 
Asha survived the torment and awoke under the care of Orphiel Farwind. Orphiel had used technology passed down by the Eth to revive her and explained his plans to bring back other warriors. Asha became Orphiel's second-in-command in the battle against the Blood Storm, but only as a means to exacting vengeance on Regulos.  

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