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    Ashe, the princess of the Kingdom of Dalmasca, is thought to be dead among her people but secretly fights with the Dalmascan resistance.

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    Ashelia "Ashe" B'nargin Dalmasca was the ninth child of the Dalmascan Royal Family, the last and only daughter of King Raminas. Her eight older brothers had died of illness or fallen in battle, resulting in Ashe being the sole heir of her kingdom by her time of marriage.

    Game Appearances

    Final Fantasy XII

    In the year 704 Old Valendia, at the age of seventeen, Ashe's father, King Raminas and the King of Nabradia arranged a marriage between Ashe and the Prince of Nabradia, Lord Rasler. Both Ashe and Lord Rasler understood that the intent of their marriage was to force an alliance between Dalmasca and Nabradia so they could conquer Archadia, however the two generally harboured feelings for each other. Not long after the ceremony, Rasler was killed trying to save Nalbina fortress from Archadia. As a result she faked suicide and joined an underground rebellion. Her uncle Marquis Halim Ondor IV, announced his niece's death to the public. Ashe took the name Amalia, while in hiding. The resistance didn't accomplish anything, until Vayne Solidor made his name known in Rabanastre.

    The resistance moved in to attack, but it was all a trap sprung by Vayne. Ashe was captured, along with two sky pirates (Balthier and Fran) and two street urchins (Penelo and Vaan). They escaped the ship Leviathan due to an explosion caused by a powerful substance called deifected nethicite. Ashe saw the nethicite as a way to combat the Empire and reclaim her lost kingdom. Balthier warned her not to become intoxicated with power, as it would only lead to her self-destruction. After destroying the Sun-Cryst in order to awaken Bahamut, Ashe and the party manage to assemble a Resistance and defeat Vanye Solidor aboard the Bahamut and retreat back to the Strahl. One year later, after the war ends, Ashe is crowned Queen of Dalmasca.

    Final Fantasy XII- Revenant Wings

    Ashe plays a small role in the sequel to Final Fantasy XII. She appears to help aid the party along with Basch and Larsa when the Auraliths get destroyed and the aegyl's anima, filled with anger and rage starts attacking Ivalice. Ashe does not have a large role in the storyline, but helps the party search for the Judge of Wings and helps aid in defeating her. She is seen at the end of the game aboard the Strahl with the rest of the team returning back to Ivalice after freeing the aegyl from Feolthano.

    Appearance and Personality

    Ashe has a small build and a slender frame. She has sandy blonde hair that is cropped just above her shoulders and has blueish- grey eyes. Ashe is a very independent and determined woman who would stop at nothing to serve justice to her family and kingdom but she often reminded of the joyful times in her youth by memories of Rasler.


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