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    Ashelin is Baron Praxis' daughter in Jak II, but helps out the Underground cause against the Baron.

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    Ashelin Praxisis the daughter of Baron Praxis, the tyrannical despot of Haven City. As a child, she grew up in the heights of the Governor's fortress and resented how her father ruled over the people. She eventually joined and climbed the ranks of the Krimzon Guard. Along with another member of the military, Torn, they joined forces with the civilians to create the resistance called the Underground to overthrow her own father.


    Jak II (Oct 2003)
    Jak II (Oct 2003)

    Ashelin Praxis is a supporting character from the Jak & Daxter game franchise that was developed by Naughty Dog and directed by Jason Rubin. It was sold exclusively on the Playstation 2 gaming system. Ashelin's first appearance was in Jak II, which was sold in the U.S. on October 14, 2003. She is voiced by Susan Eisenberg in the English production.

    Major Story Arcs

    Jak 2

    When she became old enough she became a captain of the Krimzon Guard and helped the Underground by giving them information. She helps Jak by giving him information to whats going on.

    Jak 3

    After the death of Baron Praxis, she tries to save Jak from being banished to the wasteland by Count Veger. Before Jak was sent to the Wasteland, she gave Jak a beacon so that Damus would find him. She later meets Jak in the Oasis and asks him to come back to the city, but he refuses. They later meet again when Jak goes back to the city and Ashelin fires Count Veger from the council.

    Jak X

    When Ashelin attends the reading of Krew's will, she is poisoned along with everyone else. She competes in the Kras City Championship to win the antidote. During these events she developes a rivalry with Krew's Daughter, Rayn and doesn't trust her.


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