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The ASP was a custom-made 9mm pistol designed by Paris Theodore. The pistol was based upon the Smith and Wesson Model 39 semi-automatic pistol, but featured Lexan grips to allow a shooter to see the number of rounds left in a magazine. The ASP was heavily modified from the original Smith and Wesson design, featuring a shorter barrel and the 'Guttersnipe' iron sight present on the weapon. Should a customer supply his own Smith and Wesson Model 39, they would have been able to have had the ASP customization carried out for $475, though production of the weapon ceased in 1987. Models were produced for twelve years, having started in 1975.


Call of Duty: Black Ops

The ASP is an American pistol that sees use in-game with both Cuban and American forces. During the single-player campaign, the ASP appears only once, during the opening mission, 'Operation 40'. In Multiplayer, the ASP has high damage at close range, but it drops at medium and longer ranges. The ASP has the highest firing cap of any pistol in the game - in general, the ASP is designed to be quick in-game. It is faster to swap to and aim with than any other pistol in the game, but it is not as effective in combat in comparison to some of the pistols available. The magazine capacity of the ASP is only seven rounds, making it equal to the M1911 and larger than the six shots afforded by the more powerful Colt Python.
The ASP has only one attachment available: Dual Wield. Extended Magazines are not an option, for whatever reason. The ASP has an extremely fast reload, which varies from that of all the other pistols in the game.

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