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The Assassin is one of the Commando-type classes in Super Monday Night Combat. While she can be very difficult to utilize for new players, her great mobility and massive amounts of melee damage can make her a true terror in the hands of a skilled player. She specializes in ambushing unsuspecting Pros and and taking them out.


Cloak as the title suggests makes the Assassin invisible, making her harder to see by other players and ignored by enemy bots and turrets. The cloak can even be activated when only partially charged unlike most other skills.

Smoke Bomb
The Smoke Bomb unleashes a cloud of smoke which temporarily blinds and stuns enemy pros and bots. Immediately after use the Assassin is able to jump significantly higher.

The Leap allows the Assassin to jump extremely high. This skill is useful for escaping dangerous situations or reaching parts of the map not yet available.

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