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DS version
DS version
Altair's chronicles was a DS game released somewhat after the first Assassins Creed and was developed by Gameloft who is mainly known for the casual games it makes for mobile devices back in February 2008. The game was a prequel to the home console version and told how Altair became involved with the creed and his role within it. The game could be somewhat compared to the original Prince of Persia but with more combat, Altair's Chronicles also had some touch based puzzle mini games in it like pickpocketing and picking locks. The combat system was your basic XXX and XXY combos and a defense button, there was also a counter move that you could trigger if my memory serves me well.

I played the DS version for about 30 minutes before turning the DS off and telling myself that i would never play that game again, the frame rate on the DS was extremely poor and the game just looked messy. Instead of going with clean 2D Gameloft thought it would be better to make a 3D platformer with extremely low resolution textures.

Anyway in the wake of Assassins Creed 2 Gameloft is remaking this game for the Iphone and Ipod, naturally the graphics look quite a bit better and the controls should be fine, at least the for the minigames. Since i never completed the DS version I can't really talk about the quality of the game as a whole but the different reviews i read about it all unsurprisingly stated that the game was extremely mediocre and looked extremely rushed.

Anyway enough of me being all negative about this, here are some screenshots of the upcoming Iphone/Ipod that look rather good:

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No, you were probably right to be negative. The main game in the series wasn't completely satisfying, I wouldn't expect anything more from mobile spin-offs. I can't wait to play 2, though.

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It looks cool, but I'm not getting my hopes up.

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Eh, I completed the DS version. It was basically a perfect example of mediocrity. There was some fun to be had, but It was worth nothing more then a rent. 

As for the iPhone version, looks a little more polished graphically, but the graphics were not the DS versions biggest fault. 

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