100% Synch is it Worth it?

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So far I am loving this game and have gotten 100% synch on every mission. I was wondering what does getting 100% synch with all the missions do? Does it give a better ending, or any other reward? Please do not spoil the ending of the game, just wondering if it is worth my time to get 100% besides getting the achievement.

Oh I guess I should tell you I'm at the beginning of sequence 4.

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I'm like exactly where you are ^_^
I don't really know but I'd suspect 100% is for achievements only.

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You unlock some cheat codes. Just silly things, nothing terribly important.

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I'm pretty sure the sync rating unlocks those side missions about Ezio's woman as you go through the game, but I think you only need something like 75% to unlock the last one. I could be totally wrong about that because it's been a while. Definitely worth giving it a go just for the sake of it though. I thought trying for the 100% on each mission added a lot to the game and helped keep things fresh. I didn't worry about the time trial stuff too much though, because fuck that.

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