GB Brotherly muder night: "Uh uh uh uh uh" Edition! Any takers?

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Soooo I was trying to get in to a game of Brotherhood to satisfy my stabbing addiction. After choosing "Play now" (which would seem like the fastest way to find a game... any game) I was forced to wait 30 minutes for nothing. After that I gave up....
 I looked through the Brotherhood forums (not really, there are 290+ threads and I'm not a crazy person...) but couldn't find any "Official" Brotherhood night, like there are for other games! It's an outrage!
  So would anyone be interested in getting together one evening a week for some stabbing? If so post your gamertag, your location /timezone and when you would be available! 
Or you could just go ahead and add my GT, "MrCatpie".... 
I don't know! But something needs to be done. The Brotherhood (online servers) must prevail!

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@Gumby: I've been looking for a multiplayer game to get back into -- I played the heck out of AC:B when it came out, then it kinda petered out. I'd totally be up for an organised get together with some cool face-stabbing folk.
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Great! I should probably create a more definitive thread or something. This one is more like a desperate plea for attention. ^^

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